MAR1100 & MAR2100

MAR1100 – MEMS 2D Laser Scanning Mirror

MAR2100 – Mirror Controller IC


A Powerful Chipset for Laser Projection and Imaging Applications

The Maradin MAR1100, a MEMS 2D laser scanning mirror, is combined with the MAR2100 mirror controller IC to form the key building block for a high-performance miniature laser scanning optical engine. The innovative MAR1100 MEMS device features both a fast electrostatic actuator and a powerful electromagnetic actuator, creating the most robust 2D scanning mirror for the most demanding applications. The MAR2100 controller IC features Maradin’s proprietary control algorithms, which ensure continuous control and peak system performance under varying conditions. A dedicated static mirror alarm signal supports eye safety; and a non-hermetic plastic package for the MEMS device reduces overall cost. A standard digital interface connects the controller IC to the host video processor, enabling greater design flexibility and simplified system integration. Maradin’s evaluation and development kits facilitate design-in with the chipset and reduce time to market.

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Key Features and Benefits

  • 2D single mirror– Minimizes optical engine size and increases optical efficiency
  • Combination of electrostatic (H) and electromagnetic (V) actuators– Improves robustness and optimizes performance
  • Wide optical FOV, 45° (H) x 30° (V)– Delivers large image/scan area
  • High-sensitivity, dynamic closed control loops– Maintain stable peak performance even during changes in ambient conditions
  • Static mirror alarm signal– Supports eye safety
  • MEMS controller with standard digital video interface– Simplifies system design and integration
  • Non-hermetic plastic package– Reduces cost

MAR1100 – A Maradin 2D mirror with both ES and EM actuations

A MEMS (Micro Electro Mechanical System) mirror is a tiny solid-state mirror (mirror on a chip) actuated by micro-size motors in one or two dimensions. A laser beam pointed at the mirror is precisely deflected and steered by the scanning mirror to reach a target point at a specific time.
Maradin PerfectScan™ technology suite is the core of Maradin MEMS scanning mirrors.

PerfectScan includes the following key elements:

  • Fast electrostatic (ES) actuator with minimal power consumption. The ES actuator operates in the self-resonance frequency of the mirror and is ideal for high scan frequencies (tens of KHz).
  • Strong and accurate electromagnetic (EM) actuator. The EM actuator is ideal for point-to-point or slow scan patterns.
  • Capacitive sensors measure the mirror angular position with very high precision and fast response.
  • Sophisticated control circuitry and algorithms perform continuous, close control of the mirror motion, ensuring the utmost accuracy, repeatability and temperature stability.

Maradin's Mirror







MAR2100 – Mirror Controller IC

The MAR2100 is a Driver and control IC for Maradin’s MAR1100 dual-axis MEMS based scanning mirror.  MAR2100 is targeted for miniature laser projectors and laser steering applications

MAR2100 drives and controls Maradin’s MAR1100 dual axis scanning mirror and generates the timing signals to synchronize the laser module through the Host, also called as Data Manipulator. As MAR1100 scanner has two uncoupled actuators – one for horizontal scan and one for vertical scan, MAR2100 controller IC supports both drivers.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Both Electromagnetic and Electrostatic actuator drivers
  • 2D (Vertical and horizontal) capacitance sensing
  • Programmable Gain and BW for sensing and control circuitry
  • Capacitance calibration of sensors
  • Horizontal control based on MEMS resonance
  • Programmable phase and duty cycle for PLL
  • Programmable number of scan lines
  • Programmable number of retrace lines
  • Field Rate: 60Hz
  • Support interlace/non-interlace modes
  • Option to input external control signals for Vertical and Horizontal loops
  • Timing generator to control RGB module
  • SPI interface with external Host
  • 3v supply with on-chip voltage regulators for analog circuitry
  • Eye Safety Alarm
  • DFT
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