How it works

A MEMS (Micro Electro Mechanical System) mirror is a tiny solid-state mirror (mirror on a chip) actuated by micro-size motors in one or two dimensions. A laser beam pointed at the mirror is precisely deflected and steered by the scanning mirror to reach a target point at a specific time.
Maradin PerfectScan™ technology suite is the core of Maradin MEMS scanning mirrors.

PerfectScan includes the following key elements:

  • Fast electrostatic (ES) actuator with minimal power consumption. The ES actuator operates in the self-resonance frequency of the mirror and is ideal for high scan frequencies (tens of KHz).
  • Strong and accurate electromagnetic (EM) actuator. The EM actuator is ideal for point-to-point or slow scan patterns.
  • Capacitive sensors measure the mirror angular position with very high precision and fast response.
  • Sophisticated control circuitry and algorithms perform continuous, close control of the mirror motion, ensuring the utmost accuracy, repeatability and temperature stability.

A Maradin 2D mirror with both ES and EM actuations

Maradin's Mirror














A laser beam deflected from the MAR1100

laser beam

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