Maradin MEMS Laser Scanning Mirrors – Scanning the Future


Scanning the Future™

Maradin offers innovative MEMS scanning mirrors and controllers for miniature laser projectors and varied industrial and medical scanning laser applications. Maradin chipset and modules, incorporating Maradin’s novel PerfectScan™ MEMS actuation and control technology, provide key building blocks for creating advanced products that excel in accuracy, reliability and efficiency


How it works

A MEMS (Micro Electro Mechanical System) mirror is a tiny semi-conductor reflecting surface (mirror on a chip), actuated by micro-size motors in one or two dimensions. A laser beam pointed at the mirror is precisely deflected and steered by the scanning mirror to reach a target point at a specific


MAR1100 & MAR2100

The innovative MAR1100, a 2D MEMS scanning device, features both a fast electrostatic actuator and a powerful electromagnetic actuator, creating one of the most robust 2D scanning mirror for the most demanding applications.

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